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Early Career Growing Pains

As I navigate the professional world as a novice, I constantly question myself: Am I doing enough? How can I improve? What will make me stand out as a professional writer? Is my authorial voice sufficient? Which function of the company am I good at?

English Hagwons: Infamy, Perception, & Social Analysis

An Initial Acknowledgment My acknowledgement: yes, there are Hagwons in Korea with well-intentioned owners and caring managers. Fortunately, I worked in such an environment. The more I live, the more I understand the nuances of individual existence and how we each react to our societal structures. There’s a tendency for black-and-white thinking on this topic,…

Korean Women Resisting Gender Bias in STEM & Other Genderfied Careers

KOREAN WOMEN’S ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION In 1972, former President Park Chung-Hee launched an aggressive economic growth plan to skyrocket the nation to a level of modernity on par with other industrialized nations. The former president’s authoritarian measures achieved impressive economic progress. Korean women began participating in the workforce—but at the expense of worse working conditions for…

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