Early Career Growing Pains

As I navigate the professional world as a novice, I constantly question myself: Am I doing enough? How can I improve? What will make me stand out as a professional writer? Is my authorial voice sufficient? Which function of the company am I good at?

Korean Women Resisting Gender Bias in STEM & Other Genderfied Careers

KOREAN WOMEN'S ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION In 1972, former President Park Chung-Hee launched an aggressive economic growth plan to skyrocket the nation to a level of modernity on par with other industrialized nations. The former president's authoritarian measures achieved impressive economic progress. Korean women began participating in the workforce—but at the expense of worse working conditions for... Continue Reading →

Studying Versus Working in Korea

Taken from an article I wrote on my LinkedIn on October 6, 2021 Asian Studies & Studying Abroad My time as an exchange student at Sejong University (세종대학교) in Seoul, South Korea, provided unforgettable experiences and countless opportunities to socialize, engage in cultural activities, and progress in my language proficiency. I aimed to establish a... Continue Reading →

My Experience Applying to Hagwons Part 2

Why People Go Private Location Control Competative Salary Diverse Options Faster Hiring Usually More Intimate Classroom Sizes (Varies) Better Potential for Greater Relationships with Co-Workers Who Speak English As stressed previously, private hires all year-round, so you can find positions more often with a less strenuous application process than EPIK. Read all your contracts very... Continue Reading →

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