A Short Guide to Grocery Shopping in Korea

A Popular Expat Question From Unsplash (@noellejlee) I'm a member of many "Expat" community forums on Facebook, where people constantly post valid questions and receive helpful responses. I'm also a member of a fitness and health group, and this is a consistent topic that I find among foreigners in Korea attempting to eat healthy and... Continue Reading →

The Devastating 10.29 Itaewon Incident

This morning, I was shaken awake when I lazily lifted my phone from its position on the floor to check the time. Uncharacteristically, my notification wall was full of different friends reaching out to check on me. Are you alright? Were you in Itaewon last night? Did you hear about Itaewon? And one missed call... Continue Reading →

How to Vote as an American Abroad

Your Voice Matters...Even Abroad! Voting Campaign- 2020 by Luisa Davila In light of the upcoming November 8, 2022 general election, I felt compelled to share this information with those of you who are curious about the process. Just because you're abroad, doesn't mean that you don't have a say in the political process back in... Continue Reading →

Short Guide to Pharmacies in Korea

Crash Course on Korean NHI (National Health Insurance) As we know, the medical care and pharmaceutical systems vary by country, and in South Korea, everyone including college students has to contribute to the NHI. Of course, the cost is a little less for college students, and many people have jobs that will contribute a certain... Continue Reading →

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