My Synopsis

Writer ; Adventurer ; Caffeine Social Advocate–

Welcome to my online space, Leah’s Lexicon, where I discuss the world through my POV. As we explore and experience this crazy world in our own ways, we all strive for the common goal of living a fulfilling life. Although it’s impossible to know where I’ll end up, I take comfort in my ability to create a home no matter where I am. All I need are my words.

I graduated from Slippery Rock University with a BS in Professional Writing and a minor in Asian Studies. I combined my passion for writing and communication with Asian languages and cultural studies.

Born in America, I studied and lived in Seoul, South Korea for two years as both a student and ESL instructor. I’m now in Columbus, Ohio, aiming to improve myself as a strategic communicator and never stop growing.

For further inquiries, requests, and feedback please check out my contact page!

Just a girl and her words—navigating the world.

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