Follow Your Gut: Cherbourg Bakery

Locations taken from their website

Location: 1625 W Lane Ave, Upper Arlington, OH 43221

Instagram: @sowplated


Main Restuarant Points

  • Gluten-Free
  • Organic
  • Nut & dye free
  • Savory & Sweet
  • Baked daily
  • Coffee available

Behind the Business

According to their “About Us” page, the bakery’s name comes from owner Geri’s favorite port town of Cherbourg, France. She later learned of her family’s connection with the town: her grandfather liberated the town in WWII, and her grandmother immigrated to America from there.

The owner states,

“Cherbourg France has been a safe haven to so many, and Cherbourg Bakery represents that same welcoming sense of community and dependability.”

When I visited here about two weeks ago, I can confirm that I felt warm and welcome from the moment I walked in. The interior is cozy and beautiful, and the comforting aroma of baked goods had set a positive tone for my morning.

My Order

I ordered a couple of things to share with another person to “taste test” some options. The worker was helpful as he gave us his recommendations, and spoiler alert—my favorite was the apple crumble.

From top left to bottom right: OLIVE OIL MINI LOAF (w/ butter & jam), S’MORES BAR, APPLE CRUMBLE BAR, STRAWBERRY DONUT

The Olive Oil Mini Loaf ($4.75) was hands down one of my favorites. It cut through the sweetness of the other three choices. In all honestly, I didn’t need to use butter or jam. While I like homemade jam (and sweets), my sweet tooth isn’t as strong. I prefer a subtle sweetness to my baked goods. That’s why I tend to gravitate towards things baked with smaller amounts of Stevia sugar or naturally sweetened with fruit or sugar-free maple syrup. The mini loaf had a thick, spongey texture and tasted amazing without the extras. 

The S’mores Bar ($3.50) was extremely sweet, which the worker mentioned when I asked about the sweetness level of the items. However, I still wanted to try it. And boy—he was RIGHT. The S’mores bar was absolutely delicious, and the cream part of the bar was an explosion of sugar. I enjoyed a couple of bites, but it wasn’t something I could eat more of.

The Apple Crumble Bar ($3.50) was hands down my favorite besides the savory mini loaf. It was the perfect level of sugar with crunchy, cinnamon-y oats on top. Inside the bar was a sweet, gooey apple filling. It was still a tad bit sweet, but nothing near the level of the donut and S’mores bar. This bar was the perfect companion to my black coffee. 

Last, and unfortunately, my least favorite, the Strawberry Donut ($3.50). Now, hear me out—it’s well made! The only reason I didn’t enjoy this donut is that I don’t have a strong sweet tooth. If you really like explosions of syrupy goodness, this donut is for you. The sugar-crusted coating of the donut and the strawberry icing melted on top was just too much for me. The person I was with chose this flavored donut, but if it were up to me, I would’ve gone with the matcha donut or the blueberry muffin.

It was a hard choice because they had so many wonderful choices, as seen in the pictures above. The close contenders were the zucchini loaf, blueberry muffin, and cranberry granola bar.

Review Summary

Rating: 4 out of 5.

From customer service to food quality, Cherbourg Bakery is wonderful! If you’re in the Columbus or Cincinnati areas, I highly recommend checking this place out, even if you aren’t gluten or nut-free. They also offer catering and pre-order options; you can order a couple of things for a get-together or a sweet treat for the GF person in your life. My birthday is this April, and I wish I could order a cake from there for my birthday. However, I’m looking into moving to Columbus soon, so I’ll certainly visit again to try some other items.

According to their website, the cake flavor options would be chocolate, vanilla, carrot spice, lemon, and black tie for about $41.00. YUM!

Check out their social media and check out their website for more!


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